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The top political risks for renewables in 2021

By Steven Munday and Sam Wilkin | July 12, 2021

Can renewables companies entering emerging markets manage the associated political risks?
Credit and Political Risk
Climate Risk and Resilience

What risks might arise from pandemic-related economic turmoil?

What risks will renewable energy companies face if China is increasingly seen as a strategic competitor to the US, UK and Europe? What risks might arise from pandemic-related economic turmoil? What political risk perils might be lurking “under the radar?”

We asked Oxford Analytica to conduct research into these questions.

In our report ‘The Top political risks for Renewables in 2021’ Oxford Analytica convened a panel of ten external affairs and risk management professionals, representing renewable energy companies, lenders to renewables projects, and traditional energy companies with major investments in renewables. Oxford Analytica and Willis Towers Watson then conducted in-depth interviews with these professionals, to produce the risk radar that appears in the next section.

For two of the top risks the executives identified, Oxford Analytica commissioned scholars in its global expert network to produce peer-reviewed essays. These essays cover “A supply shock scenario in renewables” and “How much “systemic risk” is there in emerging markets today?”

We sincerely thank the Oxford Analytica contributors who authored the following essays, but most of all we thank the expert panel of renewables executives who guided the research for their time and insights.

We hope you will find Oxford Analytica’s findings to be useful. and as ever would welcome any comments or feedback that you may have.

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Global Renewable Energy Leader, Natural Resources

With over 36 years of industry and 50GW+ of Renewable Energy advisory and placement experience, Steven is responsible for managing the London Global Renewable Energy team. Steven is also responsible for working with all Country Retail Network offices to bring thought leadership, insight and excellence in delivery to our global renewable energy clients. He works directly with clients and markets and is highly experienced in achieving bankable and innovative risk advisory, risk transfer solutions, particularly on complex non-resource debt finance renewable projects. Steven is responsible for the implementation of the global strategy, management and resources for Global Natural Resources Renewable Energy.

Director of Political Risk Analytics, Financial Solutions

Sam Wilkin is WTW's director of political risk analytics, meaning he constantly monitors emerging and existing politically-linked threats to companies. He also leads WTW's annual political risk survey.

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