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Success Story

True flexibility gives client a customized administration solution

March 25, 2024

A case study: A global company wanted more control over plan design and an administration solution that enabled their strategy
Benefits Administration and Outsourcing Solutions

This company delivers global technology to businesses around the world. They value and expect the same agility, insight, trust and dependability from their benefits delivery partners as they provide to their own customers.

The challenge

After becoming an early adopter of a group market place model, the company grew increasingly dissatisfied with the rigid, out-of-the-box product they received from their previous administration provider. They weren’t achieving the financial performance they expected from their plans, and were frustrated by the inability to make detailed plan changes. They went into their search for a new administration provider with their guard up because of their past experiences, requiring WTW to build trust with the client by demonstrating our flexible solutions and experienced team.

The solution

The company was seeking new partners for both health and welfare plan consulting and administration, and while we presented an initial value proposition that included both services, they ultimately wanted to separate their health consulting and administration providers to provide more checks and balances.

Because the client had previously implemented our WTW Pulse Software, they already knew we were a trusted partner. Our administration system’s capability to support any plan design, as well as our willingness to work closely with their selected health and welfare consultant gave them the peace of mind that they would be able to make plan design changes when needed and our system would seamlessly support their benefits strategy now and in the future.

The results

Moving away from the fully insured group marketplace model allowed the company to gain more control over their benefit plans and financial performance. We worked closely with the client and partnered with their health and welfare consultant to seamlessly support their plans on our administration system, and increased both client and participant satisfaction with their experience.

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