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Risk Partner Services

Our Risk Partner Services offer a smarter way to manage your risks, connecting you with the specialists to expertly identify, challenge and navigate changing risk management needs.

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How you respond to constantly evolving risks defines the resilience and long-term success of your business. Viewing risk in its widest sense allows you to mitigate those liabilities you can and can’t insure and see the interconnections between complex and emerging risks before they can undermine your future growth.

To understand the spectrum of opportunities and threats from ever-changing risks, you may need specialists able to interrogate your risk profile and offer alternative perspectives.

WTW’s Risk Partner Services are designed to support you in identifying, quantifying and managing diverse strategic and operational risks. Our U.K. based Risk Partner Services are backed by more than 30 specialists and WTW’s global reach, showing you the way to the experts and risk training solutions you need, when you need them, where you need them.

Risk Partner expertise – from climate risk to property

What strategic risk issues could shape your profitability in the medium to long term? Perhaps you need a deeper understanding of how physical climate risks could impact your assets and supply chains, how the transition to a low-carbon economy could affect your business model, or how geopolitical tensions could threaten your current operations. Our Risk Partner Services can get you the clarity you need to outsmart future uncertainty.

If you’re facing operational risk challenges – assessing property risk, health and safety breaches, upskilling managers to better take care of worker wellbeing, claims defensibility – we can also provide targeted expertise.

As well as being your conduit to accessing our wide range of specialists, your Risk Partner is also a trusted expert, drawing on years of experience gained in diverse sectors with a broad variety of organisations to deliver strategic and operational solutions tailored to your specific needs.

Your Risk Partner not only provides advice but constructive criticism as you develop your risk management strategy, bringing fresh ideas as you hone the most effective approach to managing your risks.

Risk governance to operations: Improving your risk management

From board meetings to staff presentations, your Risk Partner is able to work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to manage your risks more effectively.

Risk partners can:

  • Be present at board meetings, including risk committees
  • Advise on emerging, geopolitical and strategic risks
  • Bring structure and governance to you risk management programme
  • Link your insurable and non-insurable risks
  • Offer ad hoc risk management advice on anomalies that may arise.

How your risk partner supports smarter risk management

Typically, your risk partner will work alongside you for a pre-agreed number of days per year while also being available to address any questions on managing your risk effectively as they arise.

Our aim is to help demonstrate a robust and efficient risk management framework to your stakeholders, including insurers. Showing insurance markets your organisation’s improved risk management can work to ultimately contain, or even reduce, your premiums and unlock potential savings.

Interconnected Risk Review

To widen your understanding of risk and reveal a more certain future, WTW Risk Partners and the WTW Research Network use data-driven challenge and alternative specialist perspectives, clarifying your view on complex and inter-related risk. Interconnected Risk Reviews call on a breadth of global expertise from WTW and our research partners to deliver long-range perspectives and shape navigable solutions.

We work with you to manage unexplored risk connections that could undermine the future resilience of your business. Areas of focus include establishing refined risk governance, longer-term horizon scanning for forward planning, and to create practical tools and tactics such as risk frameworks and scenario events to better prepare for future risks.

Risk Management Training

WTW Risk Partners can connect you with the strategic and operational risk management training you and your people need to adapt to emerging risks and persistent strategic and operational exposures.

To discover more on how WTW Risk Partner Services could deliver a smarter way to understand and navigate your risk, get in touch.


Risk Management Consulting

Better prepare for uncertainty and opportunity with a smarter understanding of your risk

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