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Health, Safety and Environment Practice

The Health, Safety and Environment Practice can provide guidance and support on the management of health, safety and environmental risk within your business.

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Organisations are increasingly focusing on managing health, safety, and environmental risks to demonstrate commitment to world-class operations and international standards. Our health, safety and environment team can provide training, guidance, and support in working towards improving risk control and compliance within your business.

Our services include:

  1. 01

    Fire Safety Management Advice

    We offer a comprehensive range of fire safety services including fire safety audits, bespoke training and emergency plan development.

    Our services include comprehensive audits of fire prevention measures aimed at protecting both life and business assets. Our team can also provide you with advice on various fire safety compliance requirements.

  2. 02

    Certified Management Systems ( ISO 45001, 14001 )

    Our health, safety and environment team include certified lead auditors who can help you to achieve internationally recognised standards such as ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.

  3. 03

    Health, Safety and Environmental Auditing

    Our audits are tailored to your business needs, collecting information on the efficiency, effectiveness, and reliability of your health and safety management system. Our health, safety and environment auditing will assist your business in developing or improving your health and safety policy, procedures and risk assessments so that they not only achieve legal compliance but also best practice.

  4. 04

    Environmental Management and Sustainability

    Our risk managers can provide a tailored and comprehensive environmental support package to help your business meet its environmental obligations and reduce risk.

    We help you to stay within the law, working to assist with practical environmental management systems that demonstrate both legal compliance and industry best practices.

    Our environmental risk managers are certified by IEMA (The Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment) and have diverse industry experience. Importantly, they can effectively apply their knowledge, simplifying complex legislation and guidance.

    • Bespoke environmental compliance checks
    • Environmental compliance audits
    • Provision of environmental legal and risk registers
    • Establishment of ISO 14001 management systems
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    Safety culture and behavioural change

    Our risk managers understand that an organisation’s culture is a reliable indicator of safety performance. Employee beliefs and attitudes regarding safety, as well as their observable behaviours, significantly influence safety culture.

    At the forefront of safety culture advancement, we offer comprehensive risk management services aimed at measuring and improving your culture through benchmarking, data analytics and behavioural programmes.

    We use data and insights to develop a clear roadmap, employing a variety of tailored activities such as training, behavioural incentive programmes and engaging employees in the organisation’s safety improvement initiatives.

  6. 06

    Strategic Risk Improvement Planning

    Our risk management has extensive experience in health and safety management, loss prevention and meeting risk control requirements across diverse working environments. Our team is qualified in various risk management disciplines, allowing us to adopt an integrated and strategic approach to risk management.

    Our services focus on risk management systems and procedures to help you achieve your strategic objectives. We assist you in developing health, safety, and environmental risk controls that are part of a continually improving and integrated risk management system.

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    Health and Safety and Environmental Training

    We offer an extensive range of health, safety and environmental training. Our training courses focus on identified areas for improvement and provide solutions to issues that could prevent your organisation from achieving its objectives. To find out more about our training programmes, visit WTW’s Risk Management Training Hub.

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