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Real Estate

WTW specialist team helps real estate investors to manage and insure their risks across both the residential and commercial property sectors.

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Real estate companies face a myriad of complex challenges and risks to their investment. Facing economic uncertainty, combined with regulatory and legislative changes, real estate companies must navigate a difficult environment to profit.

WTW helps real estate companies find the opportunity in these challenges with solutions that help manage and mitigate risks and optimise capital.

Take a strategic approach to risk management

We deliver innovative risk solutions that enable you to manage the risks to your performance more effectively. As a leading global insurance broker, we have the reach, scale and specialist expertise.

Our real estate specialists serve the insurance and risk management needs of the property sector in the UK with capabilities across Europe.

Our depth of understanding and insight into how organisations in the property sector create and maintain value enables us to provide innovative solutions in the specialist areas outlined below:

  • Property and real estate insurance
  • Construction
  • Legal Indemnities
  • Environmental liabilities
  • Transactional liabilities
  • Delivery of service across Europe

Whether you are a property owner, investor, agent or developer, we have the expertise to create bespoke, comprehensive insurance programmes that:

  • Deliver value
  • Protect your assets, income and liabilities
  • Safeguard your investments

Optimising capital

WTW can also help you optimise capital with comprehensive financial and capital modelling, tailored asset management, and buy- and sell-side merger- and-acquisition advice and support.

With our innovative, holistic approach to management WTW can help unlock potential to reach your goals.

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