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Pensions Technology

Technology underpins everything we do. We make extensive use of our proprietary technology to enhance our modelling capability and to deliver added value directly to clients through innovative applications.

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We have a dedicated team of 50 software professionals who are focused on developing pension software. These include tools for valuation processing, tools to support our consulting business and also client facing tools directly available for use by our clients. The team develops new systems in response to the emerging needs of pension schemes in the UK.

Our software portfolio includes the following:

  1. Data Digitisation

    Our Data Digitisation service is a technology-driven managed solution that identifies and extracts valuable data from inert files into optimal formats to unlock the potential in your data.

  2. Defined Benefit Full-Service Pension Management

    OneDB is WTW’s outsourced defined benefit (DB) full-service pension scheme management solution.

  3. Integrated Pension Risk Management

    IRM+ is a unique and cost-effective framework designed to help trustees and sponsors undertake a structured review of a scheme’s existing arrangements.

  4. Longevity Risk

    Longevity Focus is our comprehensive suite of products and services that provides clarity over pension scheme longevity.

  5. Master Trust

    LifeSight’s ageOmeter tool is available through a member’s personalised, online account and helps scheme members easily digest complex concepts and understand what they can do to change their outcome through their saving decisions.

  6. Pension Fund Management

    Asset Liability Suite is WTW’s defined benefit (DB) pension fund management software, which gives you the power to deliver the best outcomes for your pension scheme.

  7. Pension Tax Modeller

    AA IncomeCalc is an interactive application designed to help individuals estimate the total amount of tax relievable pension savings they are able to make into their pension schemes over a tax year.

  8. Retirement Support Service

    Retire Able is a suite of services that provide members with the right information, tools and guidance to ensure they can achieve the best possible outcomes at retirement.

A brighter pension solution for everyone

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How Data Digitisation helped in a recent bulk exercise

Rob Hamer (AstraZeneca UK Benefits Manager) discusses how Data Digitisation helped in a recent member option exercise.

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