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Retirement Support Service - Retire Able

WTW’s retirement support service for corporate pension schemes is called Retire Able. Retire Able gives your members everything they need to confidently make an informed decision on how to fund life after work.

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Retire Able gives your defined benefit (DB) and defined contribution (DC) pension scheme members everything they need to confidently make an informed decision on how to fund life after work.

Often, members are unaware of all their available retirement options. This range of options, whether the member is thinking about working differently or stopping work entirely, can be overwhelming. As a result, the risk of 'bad' member outcomes increases, as can the burden on scheme administrators.

What support would you like to provide to your members, and what support do they already receive? Understanding where any gaps lie and how best to fill them is the key to a successful retirement journey.

Sample video for explaining pension flexibility to members

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    DB savings support

    DB members are often unaware of the range of their options through the scheme and outside of the scheme. Retire Able tackles this by utilising a combination of engaging written and online communications, together with a simple, user friendly income illustrator. A member can complement this with impartial individual guidance or even financial advice, which the scheme may facilitate.

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    DC savings support

    Members with DC accounts need to make an active decision about how to use their savings and often need help to execute their chosen option. Retire Able has engaging written and online communications, tools and guidance which can support the decision making, and the right scheme infrastructure to ensure members get the best value for their money.

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    Combined DB and DC support

    Many retirees will have both DB and DC benefits. They will need to take all of their benefits into account if they are to make the best decision, and they can only do this if they have appropriate support. Retire Able can help members understand their options for all benefits, using consistent messaging across DB and DC benefits. With retirement packs becoming telephone-book thick, a smarter way to engage members and provide guidance towards better retirement outcomes is needed. The right support framework at the right time can help members feel in control of their savings, enabling them to make the right choices for their circumstances. Employers and trustees are ideally placed to provide this support, whether it is through information, tools, videos and guidance or access to the right solutions at retirement. Retire Able enables employers and trustees to do just this with ease.

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