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Global Benefits Management

Willis Towers Watson’s Global Benefits Management solutions empower employers, employees and retirees to better navigate the changing world of benefits. Our solutions combine benefit consulting expertise with outsourcing, co-sourcing and administration experience.

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The three pillars of our technology platform, Benefits Access, Benefits Engine and Benefits Insights, combine with efficient processes and great talent, so you and your employees experience the seamless, end-to-end solution your organization needs to solve its most pressing global benefits challenges.

Many multinational companies struggle to understand their global benefit plans:

  • What programs do they have in place?
  • What vendors do they use?
  • How much does it cost?

Most large companies today are decentralized, where local operations are run autonomously, leading to multiple benefit plans across the world. Employers do not have central access to all the benefit plan data and information. We see an opportunity to leverage technology to gain a level of centralized strategic oversight.

In our framework, we treat the employee as a consumer who is in the center of our solution. We take into account different segments, life stages, and populations to offer them the right level of choice, access to their benefits, and consistency globally while addressing the question of cost management.

Clients today want more insight into:

  • Financial management – what do our benefits cost? What factors drive costs? How can we streamline benefits to reduce costs?
  • Global control and oversight – how much plan governance is needed to be effective? How do we leverage our global scale?
  • Resource management – how can we use technology to gain efficiencies?
  • Employee appreciation – what programs increase employee engagement? What steps can we take to achieve better productivity?

Global Benefits Management provides clients with a centralized tool that:

  • Helps clients understand their costs with clear, transparent reporting
  • Provides centralized monitoring of benefits delivery and up-to-date information on plan provisions, financials and vendors
  • Offers pre-packaged country-specific benefit options where services can be centralized and a trusted team to provide global coordination
  • Includes access to general market and industry-specific benchmarking
  • Communicates the value of benefits

Why WTW?

Technology: an end-to-end solution

Global Benefits Management is supported by a wholly-owned integrated three pillar technology solution

  • Mandated use of Benefits Engine, our integrated global platform in all countries
  • Aggregated with employee elections made through Benefits Access, our integrated and flexible state-of-the-art technology
  • Allows for real-time accurate summary data in Benefits Insights, our easy-to-access advisory support tool

Structure and control

Our Global experts and Global Health and Benefits group operate as a single global team

  • Global management of local teams allows us to affect decisions made locally for all locations, ensuring global consistency
  • It allow us to exercise a level of control and change, not just influence
  • It enables us to provide you with complete cost transparency


Cutting-edge innotation breaking down the boundaries of traditional Benefits Management thinking

  • By investing in claims analytics, we can provide clients with the opportunity to truly understand and influence what drives their costs globally
  • Through the creation of a "marketplace," flexible benefits can now be offered globally in a quick and easy to administer manner

Our services include:

Health and welfare administration and outsourcing

Our health and welfare benefits administration technology and services make benefits simple to understand and easy to use. Our outsourcing solutions can be delivered within a traditional or marketplace environment, or a hybrid of the two, helping to ensure you have the capabilities needed to provide benefits that help your organization and employees to achieve goals.

Group marketplace health and welfare benefit delivery solutions

Our benefit solutions for midsize organizations, delivered in a marketplace environment, help employers to offer a range of products and plan types. Employees benefit from meaningful choice and the ability to select a portfolio of products and plans that fits their unique needs and situation.

Retiree health solutions

Our retiree health solutions enable employers and plan sponsors to honor their commitments to retirees while reducing long-term financial liabilities and administrative burden.

Benefit Accounts

Our Benefit Accounts solution empower employees and retirees to make their own decisions about how to use their benefit dollars through flexible, tax-advantaged medical spending and savings accounts, including health savings accounts, flexible spending accounts and health reimbursement arrangements.

The benefit offering we craft together will be aligned with your needs and goals, the unique characteristics of your workforce and your budgetary directives.

Our Benefits Administration and Outsourcing solutions offer:

  • A user-centered approach that delivers a personalized journey for employers, employees and retirees, with flexible offerings that meet their needs and evolve as they do
  • A highly efficient benefits administration process
  • A robust offering of health, wealth, protection and lifestyle benefits designed to meet diverse needs and preferences
  • Access to both intuitive technology and real-world human expertise from trained professionals — resources that help ensure optimal benefit choices based on on preferences and needs
  • Wholly-owned and integrated solutions for companies of all sizes

Employers who work with us benefit from:

  • Deep benefit consulting and outsourcing experience
  • Industry-leading experience operating benefit marketplaces for active employees and retirees
  • A long-standing commitment demonstrated by our investments in creating a complete, end-to-end benefit delivery experience

We can help you reduce your administrative burden, rein in skyrocketing benefit costs, keep your promises to retirees, attract great talent, and better engage and retain your workforce. Contact us

Learn more about Willis Towers Watson's Benefits Administration and Outsourcing solutions today. Contact your Willis Towers Watson representative or email us at

Please note:

  • Benefit Accounts services are provided by Acclaris, Inc.
  • Benefits Outsourcing services are provided by Towers Watson Delaware, Inc.
  • Group Marketplace services are provided by various entities including Towers Watson Delaware, Inc. and/or its corporate affiliates depending on your location and other factors. Additional information is available upon request.
  • Retiree Health Solutions are provided by Extend Health, Inc., and all insurance is offered through Extend Insurance Services, LLC. Note: Extend Insurance Services, LLC is changing its d/b/a from Towers Watson's OneExchange to Via Benefits Insurance Services.

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