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Direct and Facultative

Our combined Direct and Facultative team provides a single point of access to the international marketplace, giving you the confidence that we will obtain the best deal for you, from anywhere in the world.

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At WTW we’re continuously evolving the wholesale and facultative model to deliver the future of broking across borders.

We provide you with an improved global market response, wherever you are in the world, through one point of access.

One global team

We have joined our major global placement teams under a single Direct and Facultative team, bringing together over 300 brokers.

This enables us to share the skills, expertise and knowledge we have globally, ensuring that WTW continues to consistently deliver the best possible insurance and reinsurance placement solutions for you.

Right risk, right solution, right market

By bringing wholesale and facultative together as one business we get the right risk to the right market by the right broker every time — be it local, wholesale or facultative.

Greater access and scale for a better service

When we talk to you about your risk, you’ll benefit from global direct and facultative expertise and access.

Our scale also means we’re able to access a wide range of solutions and capacity from the global marketplace.

Global reach. Delivered locally.

Our brokers are located in insurance and reinsurance markets around the world, giving you access to over 400 insurers.

Introducing the Direct and Facultative Global Line of Business

What we do

Our experts worldwide have access to over 400 insurance markets, including established and innovative new entrants.

This worldwide scale means we can build integrated solutions that maximize our expertise, agility and scale.

Our core lines of business in the Direct team include:

  • Property insurance
  • Casualty insurance
  • Environmental liability insurance
  • Product recall insurance
  • Reputational risk insurance
  • Life sciences
  • Healthcare

Facultative global lines of business we support include:

  • Aerospace
  • Casualty
  • Construction
  • Financial solutions
  • Marine
  • Natural resources
  • Property
  • Surety

As well as the global lines of business, we also support retail placements locally.

WTW brokers across the globe
Insurers accessed worldwide
Premium placed annually on behalf of clients

How our service can benefit you

Our combined direct and facultative service provides you with access to a broad direct and facultative market, increasing your confidence in knowing you have the right solution in place.

Expertise in global markets

Our brokers have deep expertise in placing business that cannot be accommodated in local markets.

This means you benefit from our broad perspective on how your placement could be handled.

Understanding when to place as well as where

As well as understanding which markets will be able to provide the most appropriate solutions, our deep knowledge of those markets mean we also know when the best solutions will be found so that we can advise on placement timing.

How we do it

We develop bespoke solutions that can combine consultancy and transactional approaches depending on your requirements.

Data-driven decision making

We help you to access capacity across the global markets through our use of technology that gives us insight and the ability to make data-driven decisions.

Complete collaboration

Complete collaboration across our business, giving you a broad base of expertise.

Our collaborative ways of working and sophisticated risk platforms enable us to share data across functional areas to allow us to blend expertise to find the most effective solutions.

Joined-up response to risk

We provide a joined-up market response to the dynamics of a hard market, meaning we’re able to build a sustainable solution.

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