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Defined Contribution

WTW’s specialist defined contribution (DC) consulting team advises on all aspects of DC pensions and broader financial wellbeing. Our purpose is to improve financial outcomes for individuals by providing best in class advice and solutions to employers, fiduciaries and employees in respect of their workplace savings.

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Our expertise, experience and market leading research gives us a unique perspective and helps us shape the right solutions for the changing pension and savings landscape.

We help trustees of occupational DC schemes to:

  • Put in place a high-quality experience for members, developing inclusive communication strategies and supporting members as they approach their retirement.
  • Design and review an appropriate investment strategy for members, including integrating environmental, social and governance (ESG) considerations to ensure a better future for our people and planet.
  • Meet their governance and legal requirements to ensure schemes are well run and more likely to deliver good member outcomes.
We advise employers on:

  • DC plan design and broader financial wellbeing strategy, ensuring benefits are inclusive for all and can attract and retain top talent.
  • The strategic oversight of their Master Trust and/or contract-based DC pension and savings plans.
We support individuals by:

  • Providing guidance, support and advice on their financial matters through our Financial Planning Group.
  • Giving UK employees at all levels of seniority, help to maximise the benefits from their remuneration package with minimum effort on their part.
What sets us apart:

  • One of the largest dedicated teams in the UK, bringing you the best of WTW, leveraging the experience and skills of our market-leading investment, administration and communication consultants.
  • A dedicated DC provider research team which brings significant value and peace of mind to our clients and is built around in-depth knowledge of the DC provider market, enabling employers and trustees to robustly govern their pension provider.
  • A proven track record and significant experience in working with DC arrangements across various sectors ranging in both size and complexity.
  • Our plan design framework helps employers to identify their objectives for their DC pension scheme and broader financial wellbeing strategy within any time and cost constraints they have.
  • LifeSight, our award-winning master trust, for employers that would benefit from a high-quality outsourced DC pension arrangement.
  • A strong commitment to delivering industry leading thought leadership and quality surveys to underpin our advice and provide benchmarking data.
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