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The introduction of auto-enrolment was one of the biggest changes to private pension provision in living memory. The Department for Work and Pensions estimated that up to 11 million employees were affected by auto-enrolment, either by joining or saving more. This accounts for a third of the UK's labour force.

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Every employer in the country is likely to be affected to some degree by auto-enrolment. Not only will pensions will be impacted, it also affects flexible benefits, salary sacrifice, payroll and HR systems, risk benefits, investment and employee communications. The key to mitigating the impact is to understand the new rules and consider how they will affect you.

WTW has:

  1. 01

    Extensive experience in helping our clients prepare for auto-enrolment

  2. 02

    Legislative guides to address the what, why, how and when of auto-enrolment supported by a comprehensive set of brochures explaining the impact the legislation on various aspects of reward

  3. 03

    A tried and tested five step plan to guide our clients to auto-enrolment compliance

  4. 04

    The expertise and technical know-how to guide clients through the changing pension landscape, with:

    • A dedicated pension technical team working on analysing and understanding the impact of the legislation
    • Teams from across the business working together to combine their expertise and provide clients with guidance on all aspects impacted by auto-enrolment from strategy, pension design, administration systems, and providers to communication and engagement

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