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Provider Research

WTW is unique in the marketplace in that we have a dedicated provider research team whose sole responsibility is to analyse and monitor the defined contribution (DC) market.

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A contract with a DC provider is a long-term commitment.  Consequently, it is important that our clients are able to fully weigh and compare the capabilities and strengths of each provider before selecting a partner. It is also critical that our clients continue to monitor the selected provider to ensure the reasons for selection continue to apply and that their chosen partner maintains a competitive position in these areas.

What we do - the key research activities within the team include:

Operational and investment administration site visits
Strategy sessions with senior managers
Updates on product development
Qualitative assessments
Fund range
Online service functionality
Communication materials
Data monitoring
Product and service questionnaire
Administrative performance
Fee analysis
Wrapping of external fund links
Client opinion surveys
Interviews with client-facing employees
WTW consultant surveys

Accessing WTW’s research-led consulting provides clients with the following benefits:

  1. 01

    Whole of market coverage

    The research team assesses all providers in the market place, including niche providers, not just a pre-defined shortlist.

  2. 02

    Selection based on client objectives

    Research across a wide spectrum of capabilities and services allows us to adopt a selection process where clients can identify and weigh elements of the proposition that meet their key objectives for a successful scheme, rather than using a generic approach to identify a shortlist.

  3. 03

    Provider monitoring tools

    We have a series of tools available to enable our clients to continuously monitor their selected providers, including service monitoring, market benchmarking and comparing charges.

  4. 04

    Early warning if things go wrong

    Keeping our finger on the pulse of provider performance, the advanced warning can be used to encourage providers to improve or, in worst case scenario, allow clients to exit before matters get out of hand.

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