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Survey Report

WTW Defined Contribution and Savings Survey 2022

By Gemma Burrows and Roy Edie | July 13, 2022

This is the seventeenth edition of our WTW Defined Contribution and Savings Survey 2022 (formerly the FTSE 350 survey).
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This year marks a new era for the WTW DC Savings Survey.

Whilst it is our 17th edition of exploring trends and insights amongst the FTSE 350, it is the first year we have widened this research by collecting information on the defined contribution (DC) pension arrangements of other employers within the UK. We would like to thank those who took part and helped to bring these valuable insights.

Organisations have faced many challenges with the COVID-19 pandemic in the last two years, and we can expect them to face many more, as the economy reacts to global economic challenges and cost of living pressures. What does this mean for the road ahead in a DC context? Our survey reveals the immediate focus for organisations and the priorities they have set themselves over the near term.

About the survey

The survey contains data from three sources: companies assisted by completing our online survey questionnaire, whilst some information was obtained from within our own organisation or by using details available in the public domain. Consequently, we do not have full data for every single question and graphs are representative only of data we have for each question. The 2022 survey report contains data on 233 of the FTSE 350 companies, although not all questionnaires were fully completed. For example, we have 124 FTSE responses with regard to DC contribution rates. It also contains complete information regarding 86 non-FTSE relevant UK employers.

The survey excludes investment trusts, quoted property funds and overseas companies that form part of the FTSE index but do not have a material workforce in the UK.

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