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DB Full-Service Pension Management – OneDB

OneDB has a powerful, reliable software platform which gives trustees and sponsors access to their pension scheme status in seconds. The OneDB software clearly sets out the progress on each scheme objective, while also allowing trustees and sponsors to take a deeper dive into each area via our ePA administration and Asset Liability Suite software, which is included within our core offering.

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OneDB is WTW's outsourced defined benefit (DB) full-service pension scheme management solution. OneDB brings together all of the expertise and disciplines from our leading actuarial, administration and investment teams into a single, integrated and coordinated solution for trustees as well as corporate sponsors.

OneDB offers a complete service to DB pension schemes that are no longer open to new savers. Trustees and companies retain overall control of their strategy, but they outsource the day-to-day running of the DB pension scheme to trusted professionals at WTW. The service breaks down the traditional barriers between a trustee board's set of advisers, putting an end to silos. Schemes will have access to best-of-breed investment, administration, actuarial and consultancy services, all under one roof, delivered by an experienced strategic consultant.

OneDB gives you full integration of our services through a single team with assets, data and liabilities all aggregated via our OneDB software. Ultimately, OneDB helps trustees and scheme sponsors to devote more time to the strategic issues that matter. The day-to-day running of a pension scheme is entrusted to the experts.

We found the number of different advisers and others we were using sometimes made communication between them a challenge. We were looking for someone that could offer a cohesive team with good communication and were pleased that WTW was happy to take us on with the OneDB solution. The online software solution will send automatic alerts when the upper or lower investment targets are above or below what has been set. We will all get an email amber warning when the lower limit is reached. That is very helpful for us. We can also talk to an adviser about the next steps if we hit one of our triggers."

Beam UK Pension Plan trustee
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OneDB - full-service pension scheme management solution

Introducing the ALL-IN-ONE defined benefit full-service pension scheme management solution.

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