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Claims Defensibility and Regulatory Practice

The Claims Defensibility and Regulatory Practice specialises in developing and implementing defence strategies to help your business avoid or defend regulatory action and personal injury claims.

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Courts use the criminal sentencing guidelines to determine the level of fines and custodial sentences for health and safety offences for both businesses and individuals.

By reviewing your current processes, systems and procedures we can identify ways to help your business avoid a health and safety prosecution and the potential consequences. These may include fines, custodial sentences or in some cases personal prosecution of a senior manager or director within your company.

Our Claims Defensibility and Regulatory Practice can support your business to ensure it has the right policies, procedures, and documentation in place to ensure that liability claims brought against you can be met with a robust defence, or any action from the regulatory authorities can be avoided or defended including helping to reduce any potential fine.

Services include

Regulatory defensibility review

Our regulatory defensibility review will identify where present exposure to regulatory action exists and provide guidance on how existing systems and procedures can be improved.

The focus is on the existence, evidential value/weight and general availability of documentation or other evidence which would assist in avoiding or defending regulatory action.

Claims defensibility review

Our claims defensibility review is a process of assessing your organisation’s ability to defend a civil claim for compensation arising from a public or employers’ liability claim, including COVID-19.

It will forensically examine the documentation, policies and procedures disclosable in the event of a claim and see how robust they are in defending claims.

Mock trial training

Our mock trial scenario-based training covers both regulatory prosecutions and personal injury cases. They are designed to raise awareness of the issues which can trigger enforcement proceedings and offer guidance on how existing systems and procedures can be modified and enhanced to meet regulatory standards. Our personal injury mock trials assist in the defensibility of liability claims and provide a demonstration of how witness evidence and documentation is presented and challenged in court using real practicing barristers.

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Mock trial training PDF .2 MB
Accident investigation training

Our accident investigation training focuses on the key principles of ‘best practice’ to ensure that crucial evidence is captured and recorded as part of the investigation process. This will assist with the avoidance and defence of regulatory prosecutions and personal injury claims.

Training is delivered by a dedicated training team which has extensive practical experience of defending personal injury and regulatory claims.

Contractor management training

Many businesses rely on contractors and subcontractors to provide services or support without realising that they can significantly increase their risk profile, especially in relation to regulatory action e.g. Health and Safety Executive (HSE) fines and personal injury claims.

Our contractor management training will identify potential weaknesses within your existing contractor procedures and improve key elements of contractor management to improve risk and defensibility within your business.

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