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Property Risk Engineering Practice

Our Property Risk Engineering Practice consists of highly trained risk engineers who are able to identify and evaluate key risk exposures and the adequacy of controls in relation to your property.

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Our aim is to help your business mitigate risk by ensuring you have long-term property solutions in place.

Prospective insurers will require a comprehensive assessment of risk, to enable them to consider premium and retention levels and any risk improvements.

Our risk engineers are ideally placed to act as advocates and advisers for you on technical matters relating to risk improvements and property risk in general and liaise with insurers.

Property risk engineering can also be used to benchmark best practice across a portfolio of properties and can provide leverage when presenting risks to the insurance market.

In addition to risk engineering surveys, our team offers a wide range of property-related services.

Our services include:

Insurance marketing surveys

Our property risk engineering team will create a factual, descriptive report to present your business operations to underwriters focussing on key strengths, positive features and protection systems whilst separately highlighting areas for improvement.

Natural perils reviews

We will look at exposures from changing environmental conditions and how these could impact your business’s operations and provide a follow-up review on how you could mitigate your risk.

Loss estimate calculations

We can calculate your business’s potential loss exposure using a variety of scenarios and can provide recommendations for improvement. This exercise assists in determining potential capacity acceptance limits and the broking process.

Fire protection systems reviews

We will provide an independent assessment of passive and active fire protection measures including sprinklers, automatic fire and detection systems and local fire suppression to ensure they are correctly designed and maintained. Our property risk engineering team will then provide a recommendations report and action plan.

Security reviews

We can challenge the perceived security threat to the operations of your business, identify any weaknesses and suggest improvement.

New project advice

Insurance requirements often go beyond the basic minimum requirements considered by designers. Our property risk engineering team will advise you on methodologies to help the business survive foreseeable incidents.

To find out how we can support your business, please get in touch.

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