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Transport Risk Management Practice

The Transport Risk Management Practice can provide guidance and support on both proactive and reactive fleet risk management techniques.

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We are seeing a new industrial revolution in the transport sector as the way in which services are provided, the way people travel and the increasing complexity of vehicles, presents new emerging risks, which need to be effectively managed.

This practice contains experts with industry insight enabling a comprehensive risk consultancy service to be provided to businesses, to assist in both proactively managing risk and articulating risk in the right context to key stakeholders.

Services include

Transport risk workshops

This process involves the delivery of a workshop considering specific emerging risks. The process is based on reviewing the risks associated with a specific area to identify where a business may need to introduce further controls. Workshop subjects could include electric vehicle implementation and driver training in relation to new technology.

Business interruption assessments

Ensuring appropriate insurance coverage is in place is essential. This assessment process provides a detailed analysis considering the ability of a business to recover from an incident by estimating financial loss and recovery timescales.

Business continuity reviews

The preparedness of a transport operator to react in the event of a sudden unexpected loss can present significant challenges. Our experts utilise their knowledge to undertake reviews of business continuity plans to ensure they are implementable and the availability of all dependencies is considered and as technology advances, the dependencies may not be immediately obvious.

Fleet risk management reviews

The fleet risk review process can be an in depth study of how the risk associated with operating a fleet of vehicles is managed across the business considering all types of vehicles and drivers, or the review can target specific areas such as driver recruitment or the use of data collection systems.

All reviews are concluded with the provision of a report containing suggestions and recommendations to further support effective risk control.

Fleet risk analysis

Our fleet risk analysis is designed to provide a short summary review of how the risks associated with a fleet of vehicle and users is being controlled currently. Our consultants will utilise their extensive knowledge, gained from ongoing research, working with many varied clients and considering current practices, to provide a high-level insight into specific areas where controls need to be further improved. This may include a detailed analysis of incidents considering the risk-based root cause.

Rail transport risk assessment

This review can be tailored to examine specific aspects of risks being insured, such as a specific depot or location, or it can be a general review embracing all aspects of rail risk. The primary aim is to articulate an accurate picture of the risks to facilitate informed decisions about which risks can be transferred via an insurance vehicle. In many cases, a positive review has assisted in reducing overall insurance premiums.

Alternatively, we can review the requirements of a business and provide a bespoke transport risk solution utilising elements of the above.

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