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Risk Consulting Practice

Our risk consulting team can help your business evaluate your risks at both an operational and strategic level.

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Our risk consulting team are specialists in enterprise risk management (ERM), information security and cyber risk management, business continuity, crisis and reputational risk management and business interruption. We have representatives across the UK who will be able to work with you to understand your business's complex needs.

Enterprise risk management

Sometimes known as enterprise wide risk management or even holistic risk management, ERM is the development and the embedding of risk management systems and processes throughout an organisation. ERM helps ensure an organisation operates within its risk appetite, while achieving strategic objectives. The WTW's ERM offering draws all risk management strands together so that your organisation’s approach is consistent, rigorous and compliant with codes of corporate governance and business best practice.

Interactive risk register

The Interactive Risk Register provides an efficient and effective way of understanding the risks that organisations face.

The new tool is scalable and fully customisable to fit your needs. The versatile methodology will help you identify, register, manage and report on your organisation’s risk, allowing you to make informed decisions about risk treatment strategies.

Business continuity management

Business continuity is one component of an organisation’s resilience framework, designed to supplement crisis management and IT disaster recovery. It is how an organisation rebuilds operating capability and capacity following a disruptive event that has diminished its ability to function. Broadly, business continuity is about making advance preparations so that an organisation can deploy the resources and materials needed to assist recovery at the right time, at the right level and in the right place.

Our team of experts offer the full range of advisory services that you would expect from one of the world’s largest risk management organisations, including response planning, crisis management planning and exercising and recovery plan development.

Business interruption exposure modelling

Business Interruption (BI) insurance has been developed to protect businesses from loss of profit or revenue, including any additional expenditure incurred in maintaining the business, following an insured loss or damage to property and goods. Our team of experts can provide your business with an accurate assessment of the potential for loss of revenue or profit and increased costs following a material damage to or loss of property.

To discover a smarter way to increase your resilience, get in touch with our risk management specialists.

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