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Interactive Risk Register

Manage your firm’s risk with a powerful tool that is scalable and fully customisable to fit your needs, enabling you to identify, register, manage and report on your organisation’s risk and allowing you to make informed decisions about your risk treatment strategies.

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In volatile times, clarifying your organisation’s path to risk optimisation is vital. Combining a customisable set of risk appetite statements, risk registers, an interactive dashboard and executive summary, our Interactive Risk Register tool sharpens your view of risk and helps identify the potential opportunities.

What is the Interactive Risk Register?

This is a reporting tool combining risk appetite statements, risk registers and an interactive dashboard to create an effective risk management solution that can help your organisation to leverage risk in an optimised way. With an executive-friendly and visually appealing interactive dashboard, it can turn risk-related data into meaningful metrics on every level of the company. The Interactive Risk Register helps to define a quantitative risk framework for the business that limits the subjectification of risk. It includes the creation of a risk appetite statement with holistic quantified definitions. It brings a methodology of consistently and efficiently identifying, measuring and managing risk across your organisation with an executive summary that is configurable to your needs by drilling down into the detail behind the dashboard data.

How can the Interactive Risk Register benefit you?

  • A bespoke and quantified risk appetite statement that enables you to develop your risk analysis capabilities and help reduce the number of risk priority-related arguments at board meetings.
  • Our experts conduct a series of in-depth risk identification interviews in person with key stakeholders, exploring the most critical risk scenarios.
  • A ready-to-use risk management system, providing the risk management team with an immediate framework identifying priority action areas.
  • The ability to build a virtually unlimited number of risk registers, all forming part of a wider risk universe that is bespoke to your business.
  • An interactive dashboard with a visual display of your risk posture highlighting the high-risk areas within any given risk universe based on any criteria you set.
  • A dashboard that can be configured to fit your organisation’s individual needs.
  • An executive summary that allows you to drill down into any segment of the dashboard instantly to provide leaders with the necessary insight into each risk.

To find out how our Interactive Risk Register can support your business, please get in touch.

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