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BT Redcare Alarm Signalling Update

By Gary Tinnams | March 21, 2024

Future closure of BT Redcare operations and impact on intruder and fire alarm users.
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BT announced on 1st February 2024, that they will be closing all BT Redcare operations on 1st August 2025.

This will impact all intruder alarm and fire alarm systems currently using a BT Redcare product to signal activations. BT has announced this decision with over 18 months' warning, allowing users time to migrate to an alternative system. Currently, there are several acceptable alternative options available.

BT Redcare, part of the BT Communications Group, has been a prominent provider of high-security alarm signalling for 30 years. Their alarm signaling products, known as Alarm Transmission Systems, started with their single-path Redcare Classic system. In more recent years, their dual-path Redcare GSM product has become a market leader.

It is estimated that there are currently 120,000 live BT Redcare connections[1] in the UK that will need to be migrated to alternative products before 1st August 2025.

It is important to recognise that approximately 75% (90,000(1)) of these legacy systems would have required migration before the end of 2025 due to the imminent public switch off of the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), making the transition away from copper connections.

Action required by intruder and fire alarm customers

Any intruder alarm or fire alarm currently using a BT Redcare product will need to be migrated to an alternative system before August 1st, 2025. Initially, clients should contact their alarm providers to arrange for an alternative. It's important to note that it's the alarm signaling method that is affected, not the actual alarm system installed.

In the UK, alarm installations are compliant to BSEN 50136-1:2012. Under this, alarm signalling, referred to as an Alarm Transmission System (ATS), can be either single path, or dual path. The existing BT Redcare products, BT Redcare Classic (single path) and BT Redcare GSM (dual path) are graded as DP3 level Alarm Transmission Systems.

It is important, therefore, to ensure that the alternative product selected to replace a BT Redcare product is also a DP3 level Alarm Transmission System. Several alternative products are available that meet the DP3 ATS criteria, such as CSL Dualcom Gradeshift Pro DP3 and Texecom Monitor DP3.

Alarm users (both intruder and fire) should check with their alarm company provider to determine if they currently use a BT Redcare product. If so, they should arrange for an alternative to be substituted and ensure that the alternative is a DP3 level Alarm Transmission System. DP3 level ATS will be acceptable to insurers as it meets the same security standards as the existing legacy BT Redcare products, ensuring there is no downgrade to the current security provided by the legacy system.

Please notify your WTW Account Director of the change to ensure that your insurer(s) are kept fully informed.

Visit our Property Risk Engineering Practice or contact your Account Director for more information.


  1. Source: British Security Industry Association (BSIA) bulletin, via The Association of Insurance Surveyor (AiS) on 5.03.2024 Return to article

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