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Business Services Practice

The services sector faces a complex, globalised and regulated world, where service differentiation and reputation are essential to maximise market share and margin. The sector continues to thrive, but as it modernises and grows there are regular changes to its own risks and those in the wider environment in which it operates.

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How can WTW help services businesses?

We use our services industry knowledge and insight to help you manage and mitigate risk and control cost within your business. Your WTW team looks at your operational structure, your people and the values and ethics that make your company what it is today and what it endeavours to be in the future. We then review the risks that could impact your business as well as areas for improvements in business resilience and recovery, risk retention and transfer, servicing efficiencies and cost reductions.

We help implement the appropriate risk controls and risk financing strategy for your business by building intelligent risk programmes to support your short and long-term goals. We do this by combining our deep understanding of your business with our services sector expertise, using a variety of risk management tools such as loss profiling, analytics, claims defensibility audits, business interruption reviews and peer benchmarking analysis.

What experience does WTW have in the services sector?

Having worked with businesses in this sector for years, the WTW Services Practice has deep insight into the opportunities and challenges you face. Our team of highly experienced and innovative professionals are solely focused on the services sector.

We have a broad range of clients across various different sub-sectors including:

  • Technology media and telecommunications
  • Not-for-profit organisations and charities
  • Professional and financial services
  • Outsourced support services

Our industry focus combined with risk management, claims and insurance placement expertise means we are well placed to assist with both traditional and emerging business exposures. As part of a global broking organisation, the services team is your connection to the wealth of expertise WTW has to offer.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your risk management and insurance strategy further and find out how we can help you implement the right approach for your business.

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