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Our 360°Benefits approach covers all areas of occupational pension Benefits, including investments, and offers comprehensive advice to Pension Fund and their employers.

The 360°Benefits I Governance Check gives you a comprehensive view of your Pension Fund and covers the six core areas of Pension Fund management: Actuarial, Investment, Legal, Pension Fund governance, Administration, and Communication. In addition to the areas covered by the 360°Benefits I Governance Check, we also offer further training courses for Pension Fund and Benefits managers in German, French and English, tailored to your needs and your role as a member of Board of Trustees. In addition, our 360°Benefits Academy offers regular events (seminars, workshops, webinars, etc.) on topics and subjects related to Benefits and Pension Fund.

Our actuaries, BVG Experts and colleagues regularly publish articles on current topics related to Pension Funds and occupational Benefits in various Swiss media. These articles can be found in our 360°Prévoyance I News, or in external newspapers, journals and magazines.

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Our Published Articles At A Glance

360°Benefits I Publications

Articles on occupational benefits topics in various media.

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