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Mergers & Acquisitions

To guide during M&A transactions and provide support with the relevant competent Swiss authorities.

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Willis Towers Watson offers a comprehensive range of products and services that are designed to support all companies at every stage of the deal making process whether you are a strategic buyer, seller or a private equity firm.

A proven expertise

We bring a unique combination of risk expertise and deep understanding of human capital and organizational culture to your M&A operations. We draw on experience from multiple M&A and private equity transactions every year, as well as our proprietary research, to help our clients achieve success and avoid key pitfalls.

Swiss landscape

The Swiss landscape offers specific challenges during M&A deals which consist of key risks related to the human capital strategy and those found into the specific social security system of Switzerland (e.g. Swiss pension plans) as well as other legislative elements particular to Switzerland.

Why Willis Towers Watson?

All of our products and services are delivered by highly experienced professionals who ensure to have a a deep understanding your organization's people, culture and financial risk profile. Please consult our M&A dedicated site content:

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