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Pay Equity and Pay Transparency

Around the world, employers are under pressure to demonstrate they are paying fairly. Governments are introducing new legislation, employees are demanding more transparency and investors want reassurance. This is also the case in Switzerland. Employers need to be confident their reward programs are delivering. This requires greater analytical insights, stronger pay processes and open communication. We can help and are happy to introduce our New Equal Pay offering, tailored to meet Swiss regulatory requirements.

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Fair pay is essential to your employee experience. Getting it right supports stronger recruitment and higher retention. It speaks to your culture and your relationship with employees. Pay without discrimination is also your legal responsibility.

In Switzerland, we have a four-step approach:

  1. 01


    Our robust methodology acts as an overarching framework across all countries/markets. This has enabled us to work with global, multinational clients, hence developing deep levels of expertise and experience in the field of equal gender pay. Specifically, for Switzerland, we have adapted our global methodology in order to fully comply with the standard methodology promoted by the Federal Office for Gender Equality. The results of the analyses on equal gender pay allow you to get an overview of your gender pay gap in Switzerland, supported by deep-dives related to pay gaps per job/position or per employee. WTW also provides a strategic summary of the analytics phase highlights, as well as clear and practical recommendations to take targeted actions as required.

    As a complement, for ongoing analytics we also offer our market-leading fair pay analytics software. It enables you to run any fair pay analytics in seconds. We recommend it be integrated into your pay management process, but equally can be used as part of a one-off review in single or multiple countries.

  2. 02


    If you are planning to carry out the analyses in-house, we can provide advice on how to run your analytics more effectively, and on which variables should be included. We also work with independent and approved auditors who validate your equal pay analysis. The validation phase will confirm that the methodology used, and the analyses completed are in line with current regulations.

  3. 03


    Presenting your results to employees is a regulatory requirement. Our communications team works with many global clients and brings deep expertise in the field of equal pay communication. We know that a successful communication is key to improve your employer brand and to motivate and retain your employees. We can work with you on your communications strategies and we can also design and produce creative materials for different audiences.

  4. 04


    If you would like to get the most out of your investment in this analysis, we can also help you becoming an “Equal Pay Employer”. A great way of living your values and improving your employer brand!


At WTW, we have over 30 years’ experience in conducting Fair & Equal pay analyses. We have developed our approach in line with regulatory bodies in multiple countries, conducting over 180 analyses in the last 4 years to help our clients addressing their Fair & Equal Pay challenges across Europe. We are ready to support our Swiss clients too, helping them to fulfill the regulatory requirements on equal pay, and establish themselves as fair pay employers. We can provide:

  • Market-leading analytics combined with practical pay actions and engaging communications
  • Holistic and sustainable approach, equipping you for future years
  • Global reach integrated with broader I&D agenda
  • Local or global scope integrated with broader inclusion and diversity agenda
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