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Pension fund Expert and actuarial services

Pension fund Experts and actuaries ensure that benefit promises can be paid out within an acceptable level of risks for all stakeholders.

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We advise you on Swiss pension funds for all actuarial, legal, management, investment and governance related issues. Thanks to our specialized team and software developed specifically for the Swiss market, we offer you intelligent support oriented towards modern solutions that can solve both simple and complex problems.

Pension fund Expert

The pension fund Expert assists the Foundation and its Board of Trustees in all tasks required by Art. 52e BVG/LPP and in all matters relating to the daily management of Swiss pension fund foundation. Our work culture is based on a collaborative team approach which enables us to bring you different points of view that are necessary for better decision-making for the Board of Trustees. We offer you the following services:

  • Actuarial reports (calculation of the Foundation's liabilities, coverage ratio, determination of the balance sheet, analysis of sources of gains and losses, assessment of key financial risks, assessment of the fluctuation reserve, and confirmation by the Expert).
  • Expert regular work as the main point of contact at the Board level, analysis and recommendations of new concepts, render complex information well accessible to all Board members and management of all relationships with supervisory authorities and various stakeholders.
  • Strategic advice for any autonomous and collective Foundation in its development (including services related to 1e plan).
  • Harmonization of plan benefits and assistance during mergers and acquisitions.
  • Creation and/or liquidation of Foundation.
  • Advice on structural changes, such as (partial) liquidation or review of the technical rate or conversion rates used to convert capital into pension at retirement.
  • Legal advice and assistance provided by a specialized team of pension lawyers.
  • Benchmarking: comparison of benefits and costs with other pension plans on the swiss market (or by industry) including review of market trends

Actuarial Services

In support of the Expert function, our actuarial consulting practice provides high quality services tailored to the client needs and specializes in mathematical analysis and review of specific issues:

  • Design of new concept in case of plan review and restructuring, including impact analysis from a financial and human capital point of view.
  • Projections of the Foundation's financial cash flows and liabilities according to various dynamic scenarios with customized analyses and graphs (or stress test).
  • Accounting according to Swiss GAAP FER 26, IAS19 and USGAAP.
  • Strategic support for major projects relating to second pillar pension plan (calculations, projections, analysis and communication).
  • Governance review of the Foundation (using our Governance Check tool).

Why Willis Towers Watson

More than 40 pension fund consultants - pension Experts, pension fund managers, certified actuaries, financial advisors (CFAs), mathematicians, economists and lawyers - can help you with a wide range of projects in the area of occupational benefits.

Thanks to our experience with clients here in Switzerland and internationally, we can also support you in your dealings between the Foundation Board and the various stakeholders, including the employer, whether located in Switzerland or elsewhere. We aim to preserve the interests of the Foundation within a reasonable cost structure. Our experts are at your disposal, close to you, in Zurich and Lausanne.

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