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Swiss institutional investors require investment portfolios tailored to their goals, cost-effective and able to deliver strong returns within a well-defined level of risk.

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As a company with a deep knowledge of Swiss pension fund investments and multi-asset capabilities, our investment team can provide a modern approach to investment for Swiss pensions funds and bring a new and sustainable view to the allocation of their assets, within the OPP2 guidelines.

Together, we support you in reviewing the investment mission statement and beliefs, agree on long term objectives – including ESG considerations, define a roadmap to implementation, finalize a new investment policy, select managers, custodian banks, implement portfolio and monitor their returns.

In terms of asset classes, we consider mainly the traditional asset-classes such as bonds, equities, real estates and infrastructure (newly defined as a proper asset class in the OPP2), but also all other alternative assets to improve the diversification and the risk-return profile of a portfolio within a wider mission to change the way the investment industry operates to reach long term sustainable goals.

Our solutions include:

Advisory Investment Services: We advise on critical Trustee’s responsibilities, including mission and beliefs, risk management plans, asset allocations and risk budgets (ALM), portfolio construction and selection of third-party asset managers. Our Manager Research team specialises in finding, researching and monitoring asset management firms that we believe are among the best in Switzerland and in the world, covering a wide range of mainstream and alternative asset classes.

Sustainable Investment: Sustainable investment is about seeking better investment outcomes. It is about finance-driven, long-term strategies that integrate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors and effective stewardship. We believe this reflects the need for better risk management, supports a key investment theme and is central to successful long-term investment strategies.

Manager Research: Willis Towers Watson helps Swiss institutional investors build portfolios that seek to deliver differentiated investment outcomes, both from a return and risk perspective. As an investment solutions provider with multi-asset capability and a fiduciary mindset, we focus on innovating managers who are changing the investment industry for the better.

Funds and Strategies: Willis Towers Watson independent asset management entities manage specialist portfolios for some of our clients applying an open architecture approach to alternatives, illiquid assets, credit, secure income assets and equities. We have also created some pooled fund of funds which help our clients invest directly in capital markets and managers that may be otherwise difficult to access or might be too expensive.

Fiduciary management: Willis Towers Watson independent asset management team design solutions to enable clients to delegate responsibility for implementing asset strategies, whilst retaining strategic control and decision making. These solutions contain our best investment ideas, underpinned by extensive research and robust implementation. We manage over CHF 120 billion of delegated assets around the world seeking to deliver lower risk, and/or higher returns.

Why Willis Towers Watson?

Our client base includes a diverse range of Swiss and international institutional investors, including Swiss pension funds, insurance companies, sovereign wealth funds, government funds, wealth management companies, endowments and foundations.

Looking forward with innovation is at the centre of our culture. We strive to consistently and proactively bring our best and innovative ideas and opportunities put in the swiss context to our clients, drawn from our extensive worldwide practice and our dedicated Thinking Ahead Group.

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