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Pension fund management

Support in the day-to-day management of a pension Foundation and assistance or advice on specific projects.

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We assist you in managing your pension Foundation in accordance with your needs. Thanks to our expertise, we are happy to support you on various topics such as elections to the Board of Trustees, review of internal control systems, liquidity planning and much more. In our expert hands, day-to-day and recurring tasks such as organising and monitoring agreed actions of the Foundation Board meetings, reviewing complex issues, and occasional projects are carried out professionally.

Depending on the size and know-how of the Board of Trustees, it may be advantageous to partially or fully delegate management tasks to an external specialist. In many cases, this allows for the administrative costs and the time of internal resources to be optimised, while benefiting from an efficient exchange of knowledge thanks to the centralised management of several similar mandates of the service provider. This is precisely where we step in: advise and support you in the management of your Foundation. Our approach: 360°Benefits.

Flexible services

At an operational level, pension fund management is the core central function of operation and control of the Foundation. Principles of strong governance consider the separation of administration and management tasks to be of "best practice". You can achieve this separation of duties by mandating us to manage the entire Foundation and/or in a secretarial role - the Board of Trustees can choose its desired level of autonomy. For example, if you do not wish to delegate all tasks, we can offer dedicated support for individual tasks and projects, such as elections to the Board of Trustees, prepare annual financial information for insured members, the coordination of annual accounts, and any specific projects. Our solutions are flexible and can therefore be adapted to your specific needs.

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    Holistic approach

    All-inclusive package

    Complete pension fund management and its responsibility is fully transferred to Willis Towers Watson.

  2. 02

    Support and advice

    Specific tasks

    Responsibility of management remains a role of the Foundation Board, however some recurring administrative tasks or specific projects are transferred to Willis Towers Watson.

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    Selective cooperation

    One-off tasks

    Transfer of one-off tasks and projects to Willis Towers Watson, such as the migration of pension software, the liquidation of a foundation or the selection of a new supplier.

Coordination with all stakeholders

We ensure internal and external coordination with relevant pension authorities and all stakeholders around the Foundation. In addition, we are pleased to extend to you our knowledge of the pension market and strong relationships with several pension service providers. We can also assist you with the negotiation of service contracts:

  • Audit and Reinsurance
  • Technical administration/software
  • Actuarial Expert of the Foundation
  • Depositary bank and investment services
  • Supervisory authority

Please do not hesitate to contact us if this is of interest.

Why Willis Towers Watson?

In times of increasing regulatory requirements, pension fund management is no longer just a compliance role in the general administration of the Foundation. It is indeed a core central role to align and exceed minimum regulatory requirements, to document decisions and to ensure rigorous implementation of agreed actions. Our pension fund managers consider all stakeholders of the Foundation, address potential issues proactively and benefit from a comprehensive team at their disposal in key area of expertise (law, actuarial, investment, international accounting, and communication). We also offer comprehensive training and development courses (bespoke to your Foundation), which can take place at a regular meeting of the Board or during at a dedicated training meeting.

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