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Corporate Consulting

Support on employer related benefits to review risks and identify opportunities in relation to HR corporate strategy.

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Our clients face complex challenges in a world that is constantly changing economically, geopolitically and demographically. The risk profiles facing companies are becoming increasingly interrelated and this recent dynamic also creates new opportunities. Reviewing the approach to risk management that has a direct impact on business strategy, in a world where these risks are now more severe, is now a priority for our clients.

Getting access to clear insights

The needs of our clients are changing, especially in the rapidly changing benefit and retirement landscape of Switzerland. The level of information available in the public domain and on the Internet continues to grow at a record pace. Finding and identifying relevant information to establish a clear vision of current challenges is becoming difficult in a world where companies are increasingly risk-averse. Today, making the right benefits management decision, both from a human and financial point of view, has become more difficult.

A new approach to risks management

To create superior outcomes, Willis Towers Watson can propose corporate consulting services which focus on delivering a better experience for your employees while mitigating risks to the company, managing cash-flow and ensuring communication that motivate employees to use existing benefits programs in place. We draw on our extensive database, our specific knowledge in occupational benefits and our project experience with clients to provide concrete and proven solutions, particularly in pensions and insurance. Second pillar pension provision in Switzerland remains an incredibly important area of retirement planning and death/disability protections for Swiss employees.

Our main services include:

  • Governance analysis of insurance programs in place
  • Benchmarking review of current occupational pension fund and insurances
  • Alignment of programs to corporate philosophy
  • Management of projects between parent company and local subsidiary
  • Review of Swiss pension fund financing options and designs
  • Introduction of DC related solutions (e.g. 1 plan)
  • Support in communication to employees, locals and expatriates
  • Actuarial studies under international accounting (USGAAP / IFRS)
  • Winner and loser analysis and 1:1 bespoke employee communication
  • Strategy, design and implementation of swiss benefits solutions
  • Insurance review and risk/gap coverage analysis
  • Investment related mandates for better use of capital
  • Dedicated legal services in support for cases related to employment
  • Training on better financial well-being for your employees

Why Willis Towers Watson?

Companies can struggle tfo find a balance between business strategy and the funding needed to pay for key employee benefits, such as retirement, health care and death/disability risks. Willis Towers Watson combines its benefits expertise with investment advice to help organizations develop compliant benefits programs that meet workforce needs and business strategy. We partner with clients around the world to determine the best approaches to the design, funding, governance, administration and communication of employer related benefits.

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