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Benchmarking Analysis

Comparison of occupational pension benefits provided by the company with those of peers offered on the market.

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We combine our market leading database, knowledge of market practice and top technology to deliver a clear and understandable benchmark of your occupational pension scheme. We can help provide details on which areas of your pension scheme may be out of market norm or where we see the market heading, for you to make the best decision for the company and its employees based on the latest market trends.

How does my pension scheme compare to the Swiss market?

Everyone dreams of a worry-free retirement and sustainable financial well-being. With people living longer and volatile markets, this dream can seem very far away for many. The second pillar pension scheme is incredibly important in the retirement planning for Swiss employees and their protection against death and disability. In fact, the Swiss occupational pension scheme is a key factor in the generosity of the total benefits package provided to the workforce. Therefore, an attractive and modern pension scheme that fits to the company’s overall philosophy is a key advantage for attracting and retaining your talent.

Our main benchmarking points:

  • Bespoke peer group and market comparisons
  • Base plan and higher management plans
  • Quantitative results incorporate key interaction effects:
    • Insured salary and coordination offset
    • Vested benefits development
    • Death and Disability benefits
    • Employer and Employee financing
  • Qualitative results look at key elements of the pension schemes:
    • Types of plans
    • All elements related to salary
    • Eligibility ages for benefits
    • Early and late retirement ages
    • Technical bases
    • Conversion rates
    • Market trends and recommendations

Why Willis Towers Watson?

Willis Towers Watson’s distinctive combination of Swiss pension consulting expertise, deep benchmarking database, and use of technology creates the right environment to advise you on comprehensive solutions for your Swiss pension scheme.

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