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Overview of WTW studies

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For more than 10 years, WTW has regularly conducted surveys and studies on occupational benefits topics (BVG). Our core studies are:

  1. Pension Risk Study
  2. SLI Pension Benchmarking Study
  3. Swiss Pension Finance Watch (quarterly)

Both the Pension Risk Study and the Pension Benchmarking Study analyse the pension plans of SLI (Swiss Leader Index) companies. While the Pension Risk Study deals with the impact of current economic market conditions on the pension liabilities in the consolidated balance sheets according to IFRS / US-GAAP, the Pension Benchmarking Study compares the benefits resulting from the pension plans (basic and any supplementary plans) offered to employees.

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    Pension Risk Study

    The Pension Risk Study examines the pension obligations as well as the amount and development of the pension costs of the companies in the Swiss Leader Index (SLI). This index is made up of the 20 SMI companies and the ten largest stocks of the 30 SMI Mid Cap stocks. The SLI thus contains the 30 most important stocks on the Swiss stock market and includes the country's leading listed companies.

    The aim of the Pension Risk Study by WTW is to gain an overview of the financial situation of Swiss pension plans of SLI companies and thus create a sound basis for the possible development of specific measures for their pension plans. The data basis is the annual financial statements of the companies prepared according to international accounting standards (IFRS, US-GAAP).

    Press release 2023

    Press release 2022

    Press release 2021

    Press release 2020

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    SLI Pension Benchmarking Study

    Since 2009, and every two years, the study examines the employee benefits of pension plans of SLI companies. The analysis focuses on the structure of the pension plans of each company and the resulting benefits for the employees. All pension plans of the companies (basic and any supplementary plans) are considered in their entirety for the performance comparison, if they have been made available to WTW.

    Study Report 2023 (as PDF)

    Study Report 2021 (as PDF)

    Study report 2019 (as PDF)

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