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International accounting

Actuarial valuation of pension obligations according to international accounting standards (IFRS and US GAAP) and support for balance sheet optimization.

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A better understanding of accounting standards is good governance to better “manage" risks related to Swiss pension plans subject to international standards. In effect, Swiss pension plans must be reported fully under international standards. But how does your pension plan impact the financial accounting of the company and more importantly, what can be done to manage and mitigate risks?

Annual reporting is at the heart of a company’s financial cycle and it is essential that this process is completed with the highest quality within the required timeframe of the Company, which often cannot be extended. As the leader in international accounting of employee pension benefits in Switzerland, Willis Towers Watson understands your needs regarding international accounting and can propose to you the following proven approach:

Aspects that need to be taken into account related to International Valuations are: description below
Data protection, ongoing monitoring, understanding the numbers, risk and cost management, compliance and timeliness and accuracy.
The different aspects of International accounting for pensions

Companies in Switzerland that perform financial reporting under international accounting standards (IFRS or US GAAP) require a full actuarial valuation of their pension plan to comply with these standards. We offer comprehensive services to cover all aspects of international accounting:

  • Complete actuarial valuation calculations
  • Dedicated reporting in our market leading proprietary tool
  • Consulting support in setting assumptions and methodology
  • M&A support, including due diligence
  • Long-term projections and budget planning
  • Experience studies to validate and review valuation assumptions
  • Tools to monitor pension balance sheet on a dynamic basis
  • Strategic advice regarding cost and risk management measures

Our collaborative approach will help you to understand the financial impacts for the company and develop measures to effectively manage the pension fund risks faced by company.

Why Willis Towers Watson?

Working together, we will help you achieve your key objectives and limit your time commitment to the essential information we need to perform our work independently:

  • A Swiss market-leader in international accounting: we perform valuations for over 140 clients in Switzerland annually and will ensure that the right expertise is available to you in any situation
  • No process risk: rigorous global standards combined with advanced tools and in-house expertise ensures process will run according to plan
  • Knowledge is power: we provide training for you to better understand your international accounting figures in our seminars & webinars dedicated to this topic
  • Leading technology: Willis Towers Watson offers market leading tools, available on-line, to help ensure attractive fee level, meet expectations, and support secure information exchange
  • 1-stop shop: our interdisciplinary team has extensive knowledge and experience in actuarial, brokerage, investment, pension fund management, governance, legal, and communication topics
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