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Rewards Strategy

Salary survey participation

Ensuring employee pay and benefits are right while maximizing ROI is a constant challenge. Participants in WTW's credible and timely salary surveys enjoy numerous benefits that make it easier.

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Salary survey participation has its value

  1. Understand the market

    Having the right talent to deliver business results is critical. Benchmarking your rewards data against talent competitors helps you understand what employees really value.

  2. Stay current

    Timely insights from credible salary surveys help you keep pace with rapidly shifting talent markets and pay trends related to critical skills, a variety of workforces and automation.

  3. Deliver modern, meaningful rewards

    Trusted salary data helps you modernize your total rewards offering and that, in turn, positively affects your attraction and retention efforts.

Why choose WTW Rewards Data Intelligence

For the past 70 years, WTW Rewards Data Intelligence (RDI) has offered employers of all sizes reliable, relevant and timely salary survey data combined with global, regional and local HR and benefits policies and practices reports to support pay, employee benefits and HR professionals in making the best decisions for their workforce and their organization. Participants in our annual surveys benefit by seeing their data reflected in the timeliest, most credible results available.

  1. Unparalleled database

    Every year, WTW collects data from more than 32 million employees in over 11,000 organizations across more than 115 countries.

  2. User-friendly methodology

    A consistent, global methodology aligns your internal structures across entities and locations as well as with external market-pay levels.

  3. Global, regional and local experts

    Our world-class teams work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to help you submit the most accurate and relevant data.

You’re in good company

Leading global companies trust WTW and Rewards Data Intelligence with their pay, employee benefits and HR data, and rely on our powerful and intuitive software.

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Tom Tom

The granularity of the survey data and the specific focus on sector information is a key differentiator for WTW. Although it may require a little more work up front to map the data, the information is atomized and characterized in enough detail for us to be confident in our benchmarks, given the specificity of the services we provide.”

Ângela Santos | Board Director, Abaco
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