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WTW’s organizational change readiness assessment

Determining your organization's level of change readiness is the first step to effective change management.

Are you prepared to successfully deliver organizational change?

With WTW’s interactive organizational change readiness assessment, you can quickly and simply determine how ready your stakeholders and employees are for the changes ahead and what they’ll need to successfully adjust to new ways of working.

Successful organizational transformation and change are within reach

Take WTW’s organizational change readiness assessment now, and in less than 10 minutes, you’ll be able to:

Assess your organization’s readiness across the 8 critical factors of effective change management

Prioritize key areas of focus for your change management plan and implementation

Get helpful tips and hints based on WTW’s extensive research into what makes organizations effective at driving transformation and programmatic change

Change is inevitable; success isn’t. Try WTW’s organizational change readiness assessment today and take the first step to accelerate your change management efforts, deliver business results and improve your employee experience.

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