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Success Story

Energizing employees with improved communication

March 22, 2024

A case study: An energy company delivers an enhanced employee experience and improved service.
Benefits Administration and Outsourcing Solutions|Health and Benefits

This energy company is focused on providing reliable and clean energy and building a sustainable energy future. They are committed to providing a valuable and comprehensive benefits program to their employees —because taking great care of customers starts with making sure employees can take care of themselves.

The challenge

Spurred by administrative issues with their previous provider, including errors in their defined benefit plan administration, the client needed a solution that would solve those challenges while at the same time allowing them to reimagine the way they communicated benefits with their employees. Their current delivery system was outdated and not interactive. They were looking to improve the employee experience from hire through retire, and needed a partner who could design and implement solutions across the employment spectrum.

They hadn’t made a change to their benefits delivery provider in more than 20 years, having bundled their health and welfare, pension and defined contribution services with the same administrator. Understanding the market and the benefits to choosing the best-in-class provider who would provide the highest value were important factors in deciding to make a change.

The approach and solution

This client had already experienced the high quality and value of WTW services through our work as their pension actuary, investment consultant and many other projects. A year prior we won our first Talent project with them. This project allowed us to interact with senior leadership and better understand their strategy for Talent 2020. Building on this long-standing relationship at senior levels allowed us to introduce our broad range of solutions early in their search for a new provider. They wanted to move the organization forward by leveraging technology and providing an interactive platform and knew that communicating the value of their benefits strategy to employees was critical to that goal.

We leveraged our knowledge of the client to design a solution that included our HR Portal, Benefits Outsourcing services, Benefits Accounts and our Individual Marketplace for their post-65 retirees, as well as our Communication and Change Management consulting services. Our focus on the overall employee experience was a key differentiator, and our diverse team working across multiple lines of business was a big change from their previous administrator. The client appreciated our attention to detail, honest communication style and focus on inclusion and diversity. We were solution-oriented and consultative, resulting in a successful implementation of our services.

The results

The organization has experienced remarkable participant satisfaction with our service center, and they were impressed by the number of employees who adapted positively to the new benefits delivery solution, given their culture that had previously been slow to adopt changes.

The HR Portal has been an invaluable resource for the client, and in early 2020 it became their primary communication tool through the COVID-19 pandemic, providing employees with timely critical information in an ever-changing environment.

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