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InHouse Plus - Pensions dashboard support

Pensions Dashboards are going to make it much easier for savers to engage with their pensions.

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Early predictions are that up to 15 million savers could access a Pensions Dashboard in the first 12 months after the Dashboard Available Point. As a result, some members will want or need to contact their administrator, whether that is because they are a partial match, have a question or have rediscovered long-forgotten pension benefits. Administrators will need to manage these additional queries, in some cases within regulatory timelines, alongside delivering existing services. This is where we can help. We have a solution that provides answers to dashboard-related queries that your in-house teams can use.

We can help with:

  • Answering dashboard-related calls
  • Managing a mailbox for dashboard queries
  • Creating a web form – making it easier for members to contact the scheme
  • Reporting on the numbers and type of dashboard-related queries

Importantly, we can move resources up or down to meet the needs of your members and to help you manage your costs.


Damian Magee
Head of Business Development
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