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InHouse Plus - Accounting and treasury

Our InHouse Plus accounting and treasury team works closely with other teams in our Outsourcing GB business.

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The InHouse Plus accounting and treasury team has experience incorporating accounting information from other third-party administrators with our own data to produce consolidated reporting for your scheme.

In addition to providing accounting services for our Outsourcing GB administration clients, we also provide accounting services for several non-administrative clients, such as cashbook maintenance and bespoke accounting reporting, which can also include trustee meeting attendance where required. We can provide a simple, tailored Excel-based cashbook, right up to the preparation of annual report working papers depending on your needs.

In 2022, we produced over 160 annual reports and financial statements covering DB, DC and hybrid pension schemes with sizes ranging from a few million pounds to tens of billions with hundreds of thousands of members. For most schemes, the team will manage the entire year-end process, communicating with stakeholders such as trustees, auditors, actuaries, and investment advisors.

The team will be involved from the planning stage to the signing of the final version. There is flexibility in the process to meet client requirements. For some clients, we only provide the cashbook reporting for the year; for others, we prepare the year-end working papers; whilst for others, we produce up to the first draft.

Several of our clients also require quarterly management accounts that are tailored to meet client needs, whilst other clients make use of standard quarterly cash flow reporting.

We produce around 170 quarterly Accounting for Tax (AFT) returns, and complete SA970 tax returns as required along with tax reporting for overseas jurisdictions such as Jersey. We also produce statutory reporting for other bodies, such as the Office for National Statistics (ONS), where over 50 returns are submitted each quarter.

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