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Asset Liability Suite - Trustees

Use Asset Liability Suite to access the key funding and risk information needed to manage your defined benefit pension assets and liabilities in real-time. Additionally, you can use Asset Liability Suite to inform your funding and investment strategy decisions.

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Key benefits for Trustees

  1. 01

    Full visibility

    Understand whether your funding plan is on track and explore the impact of varying contribution patterns and asset returns.

  2. 02

    Funding assumptions

    Explore the impact of changes in assumptions on scheme funding so that you will have a clearer picture of your position.

  3. 03


    Develop and implement de-risking journey plans that enable you to set triggers signalling when to de-risk and, if your ultimate target is to buy-out your liabilities, you can continually assess the attractiveness of transacting a bulk annuity contract to help you pick the right moment to engage with insurers.

  4. 04

    Risk assessment

    Understand and manage key financial and demographic risks and their impact on you expected returns, funding and journey plans.

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