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Asset Liability Suite - Bulk Annuity Module

The Bulk Annuity Module monitors the affordability and attractiveness of a bulk annuity transaction for your scheme, using live pricing information provided by the leading insurers, allowing you to quickly identify opportunities to reduce risk.

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Key Functions and Benefits

  1. 01

    Daily affordability information

    Get daily information on the affordability of a bulk annuity covering some or all of your liabilities, using detailed pricing information provided by the main insurers in the market, supplemented by our transactions team’s experience of the live pricing.

  2. 02

    Assess value for money

    The Bulk Annuity Module allows you to see the price of a transaction against your liability measures – including technical provisions, self-sufficiency and a gilt-based liability.

  3. 03

    Know when to engage

    Knowing when to engage with the bulk annuity market for quotations can be challenging. Engaging too soon risks wasting time and money, as well as reduced insurer engagement. Too late, however, can mean pricing opportunities are missed by the time you are ready to transact.

  4. 04

    Engage with confidence

    Gain confidence from the daily affordability information in the likely outcome of a quotation process, allowing you to engage with stakeholders and prepare a credible proposition to approach the insurance market with to engage stakeholders and build your business case, as well as ensuring your transaction is prioritised by insurers.

  5. 05

    Buyout and buy-in pricing

    The Bulk Annuity Module allows you to view the price for a full buyout, pensioner buy-in or the pricing of any subsets of the liabilities you are interested in insuring.

  6. 06

    Gauge appetite

    The Bulk Annuity Module provides you with an indication of the current appetite from insurers for new business, allowing you to understand the market dynamics.

  7. 07

    Access relevant material

    Access the latest insights into the bulk annuity and longevity hedging markets from our Transactions Experts using the Bulk Annuity Module.

  8. 08

    Partner with us

    When the Bulk Annuity Module identifies an opportunity to transact, one of our Transactions Experts will be on hand to guide you throughout the process. This team have extensive experience in the market, having completed over 600 bulk annuity transactions ranging in size from £1m to £3bn.

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