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Asset Liability Suite - Triggers Module

The Triggers Module is a must-have for when you need to make dynamic market-based decisions, helping you ensure that strategic opportunities are not missed.

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Key Functions and Benefits

  1. 01

    Set trigger points

    Using Triggers, you can monitor, on a daily basis, the status of decision points that have been defined by the trustees or corporate sponsor. You can set two trigger levels, one to warn you when a trigger is close to being hit and one to alert you when it has been hit.

  2. 02

    Action orientated

    An email alert is issued whenever a trigger changes status, providing a prompt for action to ensure that issues and opportunities are not missed.

  3. 03

    Funding level triggers

    Used when your scheme is ahead of its journey plan, providing you with an opportunity to de-risk, or when your scheme is behind its journey plan thus highlighting the need to consider re-risking or securing additional funding.

  4. 04


    Triggers offers considerable flexibility, with individual triggers configured to reflect your scheme-specific circumstances where your trustees or corporate sponsor have determined that action may be needed.

  5. 05

    Duration triggers

    Used to identify when a change in the profile of your matching assets may be attractive, for example, following a change to the shape of the market bond-yield curve.

  6. 06

    Relative return and yield triggers

    Used to identify when a switch between asset classes might be valuable, for example, between equities and bonds or between corporate and sovereign bonds.

  7. 07

    Support a dynamic de-risking process

    Dynamic de-risking is a time-critical strategy, which requires a close eye on the markets in order to spot opportunities and up-to-date metrics to inform decision making. Triggers, used with the Tracker and Risk modules, can help you with this as well as help you to build a truly dynamic process.

  8. 08

    Settlement triggers

    When coupled with the Bulk Annuity Module, the Triggers Module can be used to identify and take advantage of opportunistic pricing in the settlement market.

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