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Asset Liability Suite - Investment Specialists

Use Asset Liability Suite to formulate your investment strategy, track journey plans, identify risk management opportunities in real-time. Asset Liability Suite couples your pension fund tracking with your risk modelling and monitoring, to help you formulate and track your investment risk management plan as well as your journey plan, in order to meet your ultimate scheme objectives.

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Key benefits for Investment Specialists

  1. 01

    Robust modelling

    Plan your journey towards your ultimate objectives with robust and consistent asset liability modelling.

  2. 02

    Strategy assessment

    Assess different investment strategies against your long-term objectives by modelling the likely range of funding outcomes through time, under different assumptions and investment strategies.

  3. 03

    Opportunity monitoring

    Monitor when funding conditions are hit and flag opportunities, for example, to de-risk the scheme.

  4. 04

    Risk assessment

    Monitor key risk metrics and the expected performance of assets over liabilities for your current and alternative strategies, so you can assess whether your plan remains on course and within the acceptable risk tolerance.

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