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Asset Liability Suite - Our Clients

WTW has a wide and diverse client base, with pension schemes ranging in size from a few million to tens of billions of pounds.

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Asset Liability Suite is available for both existing WTW clients and non-clients, and can be licensed by trustees or scheme corporate sponsors. It provides an effective platform on which to consider strategies and tactics, and to provide information that aids more effective engagement with stakeholders.

We are proud to partner with hundreds of companies including:

Our clients are currently using Asset Liability Suite across a wide range of areas including:


To produce management information for both Trustees and Corporate Sponsors, in a dynamic and cost-effective manner.

Budgeting and financial accounting

To easily produce content for corporate budgeting and monitor their accounting position at any given time.

Stakeholder management

To help manage discussions about cost and risk, illustrating the impact of different market conditions and de-risking strategies.

Strategic de-risking

To develop scheme-specific de-risking plans, including both investment and settlement options.

De-risking implementation

To monitor de-risking plans, including continually assessing the attractiveness of bulk annuity transactions.

Funding strategy

To help develop recovery plans that meet the objectives of both Trustees and Corporate Sponsors.

Journey planning

To support strategic asset allocation decisions by modelling where they are heading, what they can do about it and what the risks are.

Easily access information

To monitor and manage their pension scheme and make informed decisions on multiple devices.

User reviews are the best indicator of our success.

  • WTW, Delegated Investment Team
    “We use Asset Liability Suite across our UK Pension fund fiduciary management client base to monitor our client’s funding positions on a daily basis and implement de-risking strategies based on funding level triggers. Asset Liability Suite gives us robust and up-to-date monitoring of assets and liabilities we can rely on for the management and governance oversight of our client’s pension funds.”
  • Tesco Pension Trustees Limited “Asset Liability Suite enables us to keep track of our long term journey plan in real time, allowing us to address any opportunities or concerns that arise in a timely way - significantly contributing to our overall governance framework.”
  • DHL “Asset Liability Suite enables us to track the financial position of the various segregated sections within the Plan both on the funding and accounting bases. With Channel we can monitor the balance sheet and projected pension expense position as we approach the year-end which helps us manage expectations within the Group. It also provides useful information arranged to correspond to each reporting unit within our business.”
  • RELX Group “Channel has given me the ability to independently monitor our IAS 19 pension liabilities on a more regular basis, and has improved the accuracy of our internal reporting”
  • Lloyds Banking Group, Pension Investment and Finance Team “We use Asset Liability Suite to monitor the schemes’ funding positions, which can now be obtained instantly. A key function of Asset Liability Suite is to help measure progress against the schemes’ journey plans – for example, the triggers module plays an important part in this because it gives an early alert for de-risking and investment strategy decisions that may need to be taken. In addition, the risk module supplements the regular reporting of key risk statistics.”
  • Balfour Beatty "We use Asset Liability Suite to track our Fund’s progress against our journey plan, allowing us to ensure that all stakeholders are aware of whether we are ahead or behind our target. We also use Asset Liability Suite to monitor our accounting position, which ensures there are no unexpected surprises at reporting dates.”
  • Sony Music UK, The Trustees of the UK Pension Plan “In the five years since we started using Asset Liability Suite to track our assets and liabilities, the Plan’s funding position has significantly improved. Five years ago the Plan had a substantial deficit, now we are close to being fully funded. This improvement was due to many factors – one of the main ones was our decision to implement a dynamic asset strategy that linked directly to Asset Liability Suite. Setting up pre-agreed funding level trigger points that were tracked daily by Asset Liability Suite, enabled a nimble de-risking action as soon as the time was right, locking in on beneficial investment performance. Over time, although funding and asset strategies have changed, Asset Liability Suite continues to help us move closer to self-sufficiency and to improve the security for our members.”


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