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What will it take to adapt to an extended period of higher inflation?

January 9, 2023

WTW take a look at classes of risks for businesses and how insurers are likely to respond to a new higher inflationary period.
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As UK Consumer Price Inflation has hit levels last seen in the late 1980s1 and the base interest rate has risen steadily, many businesses are seeing their risk profile and the insurance markets they access to transfer and mitigate against risk in a state of flux.

In a series of short articles, we take a look at the implications for certain businesses and classes of risk, how insurers are likely to respond and what businesses can do to guard themselves from the worst effects of a new higher inflationary period and the uncertainties it inevitably generates.

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  1. Three things businesses can do today to start countering inflationary risks

    Hugo Wegbrans | January 4, 2023

    As an introduction to a new series of articles that go into more depth on inflation impacts, we sat down with WTW’s Global Head of Broking, Hugo Wegbrans to discuss actions businesses can take now.

  2. Inflation: How might it impact your insurance terms?

    February 8, 2023

    WTW’s P&C wordings expert explores the implications of the high inflation environment on contracts, whether insurers will introduce limitations, and where vigilance over wordings could pay off.

  3. Inflation adds to pressures on commercial motor insurance rates

    Barry Stonebridge | January 9, 2023

    Economic inflation is ramping up the pre-existing pressures of claims inflation in the UK commercial motor segment.

  4. Are your BI and supply chain cost estimates keeping pace with inflation?

    Fredrick Gentile and Rod Ratsma | December 15, 2022

    As UK inflation and interest rates have entered unseen territory, the fundamental effect has been to raise questions about the value of money.

  5. High inflation and low growth: How risk managers can take control

    Arun Kurian and Eamonn McMurrough | November 30, 2022

    Global conditions have increased scrutiny on risk and insurance managers’ decisions.

  6. Don’t risk underinsurance – protect yourself against inflation now

    November 14, 2022

    Rising inflation could leave businesses underinsured and facing unwelcome surprises. It’s time to reassess sums insured, limits and indemnity periods to avoid unexpected gaps in cover and keep control of premiums.

  7. Caught without cover? Why you need to review your property damage and business interruption policies

    October 13, 2022

    At WTW, we’re seeing more organisations facing unexpected problems when they claim on their property damage or business interruption policies. How can you avoid these issues?


1 UK Consumer Price Inflation

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