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Article | Managing Risk

Maintaining Resilience and Growth in Volatility in the Food and Drink Sector

WTW Food and Drink Practice Research 2022

November 1, 2022

Our Maintaining Resilience and Growth in Volatility report is part of our focus on gaining a deeper understanding of the current trading and risk environment for your business.
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This report combines global survey findings and in-depth interviews with senior GB food and drink executives to reveal the practical ways businesses can respond to volatility, uncertainty and complexity.

45% of respondents said business adaptions was among their biggest opportunities

Approaching half (45%) of survey respondents said continuing with business adaptations made in response to the pandemic were among their biggest opportunities over the next two years. Meanwhile, despite ongoing headwinds, 70% of organisations surveyed were optimistic the sector will be more profitable over the next two years.

Maintaining Resilience and Growth in Volatility provides action points on the opportunities, as well as practical insight on maintaining resilience and the value creation stance that characterises the food and drink sector today.

Key Findings: Five priority risk and opportunity themes for food and drink

We have identified five critical areas for food and drink organisations in maintaining their resilience and growth:

  1. 01

    Labour and talent

    How can your business leverage wellbeing in the battle for labour and talent?

  2. 02

    Supply chain

    How food and drink manufacturers can innovate and pursue “brilliance” to create more resilient supply chains.

  3. 03

    Technology and cyber

    Against the many challenges presented by rapidly developing technology and cyber threats, what opportunities did respondents identify?

  4. 04

    Climate change and sustainability

    When your clients want transparency on your organisations’ environmental impact, what are the emerging perspectives to address climate risk and sustainability?

  5. 05

    Cost pressures

    In the battle to counteract inflationary pressures, how can food and drink manufacturers optimise risk and insurance to help control this element of cost?

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