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Individual Marketplace

WTW Individual Marketplace, Via Benefits helps employers and plan sponsors honor their health care commitments while reducing costs, risks and administrative burden.

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Individual Marketplace for Medicare-Eligible Retirees

Via Benefits, WTW Individual Marketplace for Medicare-Eligible Retirees, enables employers and plan sponsors to honor their promise to Medicare-eligible retirees while reducing their costs (including OPEB liabilities) and administrative burden. Retirees can select a health care plan from a wide array of affordable options that not only fit their medical and financial needs but also typically allow them to obtain equal or better benefits than they currently have at a lower cost.

Introduction to the Medicare Marketplace

This short video explains how our Medicare marketplace can help achieve your organizational goals while honoring retiree health care commitments.

Individual Marketplace for Pre-Medicare Retirees

Via Benefits, WTW Individual Marketplace for Pre-Medicare Retirees, helps employers, plan sponsors and retirees maximize value through the public and private marketplace via our high-touch concierge service platform. As a web-enabled broker, we partner with organizations to help pre-Medicare retirees find health care coverage that fits their specific needs and budget.

Individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement (ICHRA)

Our individual coverage health reimbursement arrangement (ICHRA) solution offers employers an effective alternative to traditional employee health insurance options. Instead of offering a one-size-fits-all group plan, employers can provide tax-free funding for all or specific segments of their employees to purchase health insurance on our individual marketplace that best meets their particular needs.

ICHRA: An easier and more cost-effective way for employers to offer health insurance

Learn how an ICHRA works.

Please note: Retiree Health Solutions are provided by Extend Health, Inc., and all insurance is offered through Extend Insurance Services, LLC. Extend Insurance Services, LLC is changing its d/b/a from Towers Watson's OneExchange to Via Benefits Insurance Services.

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2021 Stevie Awards Recognition

The Individual Marketplace continues to provide award-winning customer service

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