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Pension Funding

We are living in uncertain economic times. Companies are rightly making the prudent financial management of their pension arrangements a focus. WTW offers creative solutions to well-trodden pensions funding problems. We advise on a multitude of funding issues and keep you apprised of all the latest regulatory developments.

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In recent years, organisations have been forced to come to terms with operating in increasingly uncertain and volatile economic environments. Cost pressures have increased, making cash flow management more important now than ever before. The volatile economic landscape and uncertainty across Europe, together with continued regulatory attention, have only heightened the focus on the prudent financial management of pension arrangements.

As many organisations struggle with continued pension scheme deficits, their scale and importance has demanded more time and focus from the C-suite. More creative solutions to these, and other pension funding issues, are being sought.

WTW is the established market leader in pension funding solutions, with access to the most authoritative database for valuation benchmarking in the UK pensions market. We are market leaders in the valuation of pension liabilities, building on deep expertise in all aspects of assumption setting. Our software helps you to construct discount rates, with our postcode mortality analysis being the most comprehensive in the UK. In addition, WTW’s asset liability tracking software is industry-leading, providing real time information on the financial position of your pension scheme.

WTW helps clients with the following areas:

  • Advice on an extensive range of issues relating to funding valuations;
  • Accounting assumption guidance and the impact of further changes to accounting standards;
  • Second opinions on the use of discount rates and mortality assumptions;
  • Valuation benchmarking reports;
  • Asset liability tracking and other real time financial information software;
  • Monitoring of Pension Protection Fund levies and management, and;
  • Consultancy advice and analysis relating to developments within the European Union.
Asset Liability Suite

Find out how Asset Liability Suite can help you better manage your pension scheme costs and risk.

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