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Health Data Analytics and Wellbeing Reporting

From health data dashboards to deep dive analysis of specific condition pathways, we can help your organisation get under the skin of employee health and wellbeing, identifying condition hot spots, areas of potential high spend and key demographics.

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Using health data analytics and wellbeing reporting, we can ensure you have the right insights to support and drive your strategy and inform your decision making.

Medical plan scorecard

Our scorecard provides organisations with a high-level overview of key claims trend drivers compared to an expected portfolio performance. The scorecard identifies key drivers of health costs and risks for further analysis.

Medical plan utilisation report

Our utilisation report delivers high level claims management information for organisations, including analysis of high-cost claims events, key health conditions and longer-term trends. This report can be produced using data from different healthcare plan providers, ensuring continuity of claims driver assessment and performance trends.

Condition specific cost driver analysis

Building on our medical utilisation and scorecard reporting, we can provide organisations with detailed condition specific claims trend analysis across health, risk and other related employee benefit programmes.

Our healthcare plan cost driver analysis can help organisations understand key health risks and drivers of trend. The reports analyse trends by key demographics, as well as considering the impacts of co-morbidities, macro socio-economic factors and portfolio trend.

Integrated health data analysis

Most organisations struggle to make sense of the sheer volume of health and wellbeing related data that is available. Data sets across providers are disjointed and formats vary. Collating, interpreting, and presenting data effectively to key stakeholders can be a full -time job.

Our dedicated data analytics and clinical wellbeing team can support organisations with designing and delivering integrated health and wellbeing data analysis and dashboard reporting. From a single, initial, design project to ongoing management and support with data collation and analysis, we can work with organisations to understand requirements and deliver specific insights and reports.

Predictive analytics

Leveraging advances in machine learning and our general insurance modelling tools, we utilise portfolio and population health data to predict claims trends and patterns for our clients. This includes condition specific future trend and spend analysis, combined with programme impact analysis to show potential cost impacts of health and wellbeing programmes on organisational health risks and outcomes.

When combined with employee listening, predictive benchmarking and other organisational insights, predictive health analytics is a powerful tool that organisations can leverage to inform strategy and decision making, and target health spend and interventions to make the biggest impact possible.

Interactive healthcare claims report

For our larger, global, client contracts, we can offer access to our online health claim analytics tool. Organisations can access health data for populations across the world, as well as interrogating it at local country level.

Actuarial modelling

From employee benefit cashflow to cancer modelling and income protection, our well-governed modelling systems give you accurate insights and predictions, helping you to plan for future cashflow needs and sharpening your competitive edge.

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