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Developing a wellbeing strategy

From facilitating workshops for HR teams about wellbeing as an organisation, to supporting with bringing a vision and strategy to life, we can support you through every stage of your wellbeing journey.

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From facilitating workshops to allow HR teams time and space to really think about wellbeing means to them as an organisation, to supporting with bringing a vision and strategy to life, we can support you through every stage of your wellbeing journey as an organisation.

Strategy design and implementation

Our team specialise in designing workshops and engagement sessions that are tailored to specific employer requirements, recognising that every organisation is in a different place in their health and wellbeing journey.

For those who are just starting out, we can support with an introductory framework and roadmap to get things started, alongside support with programme branding and design. For those who are more advanced, we can support with designing measurement approaches, thinking about vendor and programme integration or focusing in on specific areas such as DE&I.

Health & Wellbeing benefit inventory

Understanding what you have is the first step in ensuring health and wellbeing benefits are working smarter and harder for your business. We can help you to map your existing services and benefits to provide a detailed overview of your existing provisions.

Our inventories range from a baseline data capture across benefits and services, to a more detailed view of specific health and wellbeing areas to draw out challenges or points of focus for an organisation, such as emotional wellbeing or long-term health condition management support.

From this, we can help you to understand the services you have in place and to identify gaps and overlaps in your provisioning. Our Added Value Services matrix will support you in assessing which services provided by your vendor partners offer best value for your organisation, based on your specific budgets and health risks.

Wellbeing Diagnostic

Our employer and employee wellbeing diagnostics help organisations understand how their culture of wellbeing benchmarks against local market practices, high performing organisations and industry sectors. The employee diagnostic tool provides insight into self-reported levels of wellbeing within an organisation, highlighting health risks and hot spots.

Condition management pathway design and implementation

Our dedicated clinical and subject matter experts can support your organisation in designing and implementing specific condition management pathways to maximise the value you receive from your existing benefit spend and ensuring optimal outcomes for your employees.

The team are experts in working with vendors to ensure effective collaboration, sharing of ideas and information and delivery of effective and clinically robust condition management pathways.

We will take time to review your current benefits and programmes under specific condition categories to really get under the skin of the challenges and issues facing your organisation and your employees and will propose solutions to address them and make a difference to both the employee experience and health outcomes.


When combined with our benefit inventory data capture and vendor assessment and selection tools, we can help your organisation to create powerful and engaging programmes to really make a difference to employee health in the workplace and beyond.

Vendor assessment and selection

As the digital health market becomes increasingly crowded and complex (and insurance vendors include telehealth products within their own propositions), it’s never been more important to keep pace with developments and fully understand the services being provided to your employees.

Using our market vendor profiling system, we can support you to assess and select suitable health and wellbeing vendors to meet their needs. From a light touch RFI of potential vendor solutions to support a business case to implement a solution or make a change, to a full RFP process, our tool will give you fast access to information on the countless health and wellbeing vendors in the modern corporate marketplace.

Health technology also enables organisations to consider regional and global vendor solutions to create consistent and scalable programmes. Our system and team of regional and global wellbeing experts can support organisations to assess potential solutions to ensure they meet minimum global or regional standards and requirements but are also locally and culturally relevant.

Our enhanced terms agreements with vetted wellbeing suppliers also ensures our clients have access to preferential pricing and additional service elements where appropriate for their specific needs.

Employee listening and feedback

Working with our colleagues in our Employee Experience team, we support organisations with effective employee listening and engagement campaigns.

Understanding employee preferences and benefit requirements is key to ensuring your health and wellbeing strategy and programme are effective and engaging.

We can support organisations with a variety of employee listening activities and strategies, ranging from in-person focus group and virtual focus groups, delivered using a personalised technology platform.

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