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De-risking report 2022

A bright future ahead

January 20, 2022

Welcome to WTW’s 2022 de-risking report in which a number of our experts look at the current hot topics and key themes in the bulk annuity, longevity hedging and superfunds markets and predict what trends may emerge over the next year.
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Our 2022 de-risking report is intended to help those pension schemes which are considering using bulk annuities, longevity swaps or capital-backed solutions as part of their end-game strategy to understand the current landscape. Our experts have provided insights into the key activity in the market over the last year and what trends we expect to emerge over the coming months. In addition, we highlight some topical issues we expect to be important to schemes considering a transaction in 2022, including:

  • Managing illiquid assets as part of a transaction
  • Considerations on securing residual risks coverage as part of a buyout
  • Incorporating environmental, social and governance assessments into a selection process
  • How independent trustees bring value to a transaction process

Download our 2022 de-risking report by completing the form on your right, or below on a mobile device.

We hope that you find this an interesting insight, and would welcome the chance to discuss further with you how your scheme can maximise its opportunities to manage risks in the current environment.

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