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Pension Scheme Wind-Ups

WTW’s Twilight service has a proven track record of leading clients successfully through the important last months of a scheme’s life, and delivering a safe and efficient route through territory that is unfamiliar to many trustees and scheme sponsors.

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Increasingly, older occupational trust-based schemes are on the decline. Most will be on a de-risking journey, ultimately leading to the end of a scheme’s life and to wind-up. Strategic restructuring, mergers or insolvency may also mean that wind-up needs to be thought about earlier than expected, where these accelerate the planned de-risking journey. This forces trustees and sponsoring employers, who are constantly considering how best to manage the risk and costs involved in continuing to run an older occupational scheme, to think about when their scheme’s life will end.

Winding up an occupational scheme can be an involved and complex process. In recognition of this, WTW has developed Twilight, a service to advise and support the trustees from the initial phase of preparing for wind-up through to the full dissolution of the scheme.

Our team brings together a wide range of skill-sets and experience of winding up schemes including communications, wind-up administration, Pensions Protection Fund (PPF) liaison, and data solutions, all underpinned by robust project management.

If you are looking for speedy, tactical input to your wind-up, we have the skills and people to help you to meet your objectives.

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