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WTW at Airmic Conference 2023

19-21 June, Manchester Central

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Discover smarter ways to harness the power of your risk portfolio by connecting with WTW at Airmic 2023. Learn from our experts and uncover how risk analytics can generate sustainable success for your organisation.

Airmic Learning Hub sessions

How is ESG increasing liability risks for directors?

What are the increased liability risks for directors resulting from the growing focus on environmental, social and governance (ESG) factors? Calling on WTW insight, we examine the impact of ESG on directors’ and officers’ (D&O) liability and suggest practical measures you can take to mitigate your exposures.

In this hub session we will cover:
  • The principal liabilities for directors arising from ESG-related issues
  • How ESG-related liability risks compare to others, using insights from WTW research
  • What mitigating steps organisations can take against rising ESG-related D&O liabilities
  • The outlook for in ESG-related cases, legislation and regulation.

WTW speaker: Angus Duncan
Date and time: Tuesday 20 June, 11:10-11:30am

Good reputation? How you can take control

Your reputation is one of your most valuable assets. This practical insight session considers the tools and tactics you can use to take control of your organisation’s reputational and related ESG risks. How can you make smarter decisions about your reputational risk management and risk transfer strategies?

In this hub session we will cover:
  • Identify and quantify reputational issues, including those around your environmental, social and governance (ESG) track record
  • Better understand your exposure to damaging events and how to make smarter decisions about your reputational risk management and risk transfer strategies
  • Deploy a range of tools and tactics to take greater control of reputational and related ESG risks.

WTW speaker: Jasvir Grewal
Date and time: Tuesday 20 June, 1:20-1:40pm

Cyber insurance: A journey to sustainability

The global cyber insurance market is currently estimated at $11bn and is projected to grow to $25bn by 2025. Following two years’ of hard market conditions – characterized by increased underwriting scrutiny, rising premiums and reducing capacity – a more stable market has emerged in first quarter of 2023. So, is the cyber insurance market approaching the point of longer-term viability?

In this hub session we will cover:
  • What we have learnt from the hard market
  • How we are better positioned to assess, quantify and insure cyber risks
  • How cyber insurance must evolve to remain relevant and deliver value 

WTW speakers: Glyn Thoms and Dean Chapman
Date and time: Wednesday 21 June, 10:20-10:40am

Women in business lunch

Speaker: Kate Muir, Menopause expert, writer, and producer

Date: Monday 19 June
Time: 12.00 - 13.30

Menopause at Work

Menopause should be about metamorphosis, not misery. The survey for Channel 4’s 2022 documentary Davina McCall: Sex, Mind and the Menopause revealed one in ten women were leaving work due to menopause symptoms while seven in ten were dealing with memory loss or brain fog. That’s got to change as we bust the menopause taboo. We’ll discuss the smorgasbord of perimenopause and menopause symptoms, how holistic therapies and HRT can help eliminate them, and what organisations and managers can do to support this midlife change both at work and home. Join the WTW and Rushton International lunch to learn more.


WTW diagnostics: Driving decisions with diagnostics and quantification

WTW works to drive superior outcomes for businesses through enhanced, strategic understandings of risk, from coverage-specific quantification to holistic, portfolio-level engagement and diagnostics.

To support the quality of your decision-making with diagnostics and quantification, find out more about our suite of tools and book your demo.

ESG Clarified

ESG Clarified

With ESG ClarifiedTM you will have the perspective you need to understand ESG risks, unlock opportunities and stay ahead in a continuously changing landscape.

Climate Diagnostic

Climate Diagnostic

Advance your journey to effective climate risk management with dynamic projections of chronic and acute risks.

Connected Risk Intelligence

Connected Risk Intelligence

The key to an optimal risk financing strategy is to consider risks in portfolio. Reveal the path to the efficient frontier of risk finance.

Risk Intelligence Quantified

Risk Intelligence Quantified

Elevate your risk management. Achieve transformative analysis of dynamic risks through direct access to WTW’s modelling platform with Risk IQ.

Cyber Quantified

Cyber Quantified

The latest innovation in cyber risk prediction that evaluates your complete cyber loss potential with decision support to optimise risk management strategy

Dynamic TCOR

Dynamic TCOR

Presents a holistic, concise view of your total cost of insurable risk (TCOR) across all classes of insurance

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